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Welcome to Oran Construction, Famagusta, TRNC / KKTC.
A company you cannot trust!

(Not to be confused with other companies with same name in RoC, USA and Turkey)

After being recommended to Oran Construction aka Rodan Construction Ltd, I decided to let them do my build of a 2 bed bungalow, 12x6m swimming pool, Badminton / Mini Tennis Court and surrounding areas. Contract signed ( do get someone to check as in Turkish and may not be what was agreed verbally), one third paid upfront and work commenced immediately with hole made for where swimming pool was to go just before I left the island.. On returning 6 weeks later when almost half the works were to be completed and 2nd payment due, I returned to the same hole in the ground and nothing else done, only to find out that deposit given had already be spent on Olsan Orans / Oran Construction's debts.

What to do? Either I get someone else and say goodbye to my money, or try and get them to complete the project by slowly feeding them cash. I decided, unfortunately, the latter, causing me nothing but major stress in the following 3/4 months. The good thing was that I was there throughout to rectify anything that was going majorly wrong.

Pool by Oran Construction
Leaking Pump Room by Oran Construction
Skewed pool by Oran Construction
Nice leaking Pump-room by Oran Construction

The bungalow by Oran Construction TRNC/ KKTC

Firstly, the bungalow layout markings looked too small , on asking for a double room with ensuite, I would have ended up with a single room with no room to swing a cat. I made them extend back by one metre for the entire length and agreed to pay more for it. Double room still smaller than I had wanted, and I had showed Olsan Oran (the "Architect") a room of size required, before plans were drawn. On completing most of the works to bungalow, doors to both bathrooms could not open inwards or outwards once furniture was to go in, so ended up having sliding doors which did not work so well for one of the bathrooms as when opened was taking up space within the shower area. I could go on more about the tiling but thats a long story.

The flooring was laid unproffessionally, nothing lined up. In the end I had to get them to rectify the flooring at a cost to them of getting a man in for 3 days and nights to grind the marble flooring down so it was all level. Both bathrooms were constructed one metre shorter than on plans, hence, the issue with doors opening properly; I now have a useless void in both bedrooms. Windows fitted were probably the cheapest on the island with very cheap glass that sucks in heat and looks awful from outside a each pane has an uneven surface. On opening the front door, the livingroom light switch is behind the door. Luckily I was there when the door was being fitted as that was about to be put in upside-down. Kitchen units, substandard.

Pump-room entrance by Oran Construction
Tiling by Oran Construction
Great finish to entrance of Pump-room
Beautiful Tiling by Oran Construction - NOT

The Pool by Oran Construction TRNC/ KKTC

What can I say? Constructed by unproffessionals in a medieval manner. One length is 7 inches longer than the other, one width is 5 inches wider than the other; so I have a nice skewed swimming pool which caused major works and headache when getting a company to try and fit a automatic pool-cover without the runner-rails making it so obvious that the pool itself was skewed. Pool was constructed with old timber, then fell short of correct hieght and raised several inches with concrete, which I guess may be the cause of a permanent leak - approx 2 tons per day. After seeing the tiling done in the bangalow, I had insted that Olsan Oran gets a proffessional to tile the pool. Yes, he did, but a "proffessional" tiler that once tiled a pool 9 years before, this was his second attempt. What a load of rubbish, tiles were not laid properly, in line, edges were a mess and groutigng was awful. 5 months down the line and the tiles started to come apart. Balance tank over fills, and the pump-room constantly floods. Entrance to both balance tank and pumproom is an eyesore, to put it nicely. Pool overflow canals not waterproofed properly, half of the rubber sealer has detached within just weeks. Tiles put in were not what was requested prior to start of works, but I could not prove so will have to change the lot at an additional cost of approx £5k.

Lovely workmenship by Oran Construction
Waterproofing by Oran Construction
A proffessional finish by Oran Construction
I guess this is not waterproof Mr Olsan Oran

The Badminton Court/Mini Tenns Court by Oran Construction TRNC/ KKTC

You go mad if you didn't simply laugh. Promised to have good concrete, same as they have in Petrol Stations, that would not crack. Same went for the drive I had put in and quoted £5k so that it would not crack - no so, both started to crack immediately after setting. Nets put in were done in a very unproffessional manner, that I can accept as finding a proffessional for this type of work on the island may be hard to come by. But, to have nets put up that have holes bigger than a tennis ball is somewhat a bit of a joke. Great job Mr Olsan Oran, you should be proud of yourself!

Court nets fitted by Oran Construction
NEts fitted by Oran Construction
You could't make it up! Nets by Oran Construction
At least the ball can't pass through this part

The list is too long

The list of substandard work done on my premises is way too long to mention, from wonky block paving, to leaking patio roof, to drainage pipes lais lower than the street level and on neighbouring property (which will cause issues in the future) to down right disrespect of clients wishes.

Proffessional pool tiling by Oran Construction
Tiles falling Off by Oran Construction
Nice tiling by Oran Construction - wow!
That's just after only 4 month. Don't lose your tiler Olsan

Communication - or lack of it

I had tried so hard to communicate with Olsan Oran, but everything said went to death ears. Project went extremely slow as Oran Construction thought it best to only place one, or if lucky two men, on such a big job whilst they took on many other projects before completing one. I gave them the chance to finnish what they had not started, trusted them with making further payments, only to be made feel that I am in the wrong. The biggest slap in the face, was to find out that he had not submitted plans to the Planning Office. On consulting Oran Construction's director MR Olsan Oran, I was told to get 12 copies of area map from Planning Office, which I had paid a rediculous abmount for, only to be ignored by any further contact with Mr Olsan Oran, I guess he thought this was funny, not bad for someone trying to move forward in politics.

Drainage by Oran Construction
Pool inlet by Oran Construction
Mr Olsan Oran, is that drain cover 2 inches off the ground?
I guess it is not easy grouting around round objects.

What I have to say

I have created this site for others to be well informed that they cannot and should not trust this person and company with any form of work, big or small. Mr Olsan Oran is a fake, who will run all the way to the bank with your money, smiling. MR Olsan Oran, you may think you are BIG (hahaha!), but, you have proved to me how much of a low life one can be.

Tiled edges by Oran Construction
Rubber waterproofin peeling off
Superb finish on the edges Mr Olsan Oran
What a waste of rubber sealler - didn't last long did it Olsan?

I must not lie, some good work has been done

Roof done by subcontractor - Fantastic work!
Garden slab flooring done by subcontractors - Proffessional is an understatement!
Court frame erected by subcontractor - Fast and efficient.
Badly layed marble flooring rectified by subcontractor - Hard working and meticulous.
Painting done by subcontractor - Great job and fast.

Shame about Oran Construction, it would have been a lot worse without these guys!

This site will remain LIVE for as long as it takes Olsan Construction to hand me my amended deeds.



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